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Reettorit ry is an association for speech communication students in University of Tampere. Main purpose of the association is to promote the interests of our members, interact with other students’ associations inside and out of UTA and organize different events that can be accessed by international students as well.  


Speech communication studies focus on:

  • exploring the relation between speaker, listener and the speech situation and speech behaviour in various interaction situations
  • develop the capability to assess and analyse speech communication skills in different interaction situations
  • impart skills for the scientific research of speech communication for teaching and application of knowledge as requires in several professions


You can study speech communications in the Faculty of Communications Sciences. (

Members of committee:

Chairman – Aura Castrén castren.aura.m(at)

Vice-chairman – Ville Jäppinen jappinen.ville.m(at)

Treasurer – Julia Stolp  stolp.julia.s(at)

Secretary – Ilona Vuori  vuori.ilona.a(at)

Tutoring –Anni Hakala hakala.anni.j(at)

Communications –Vilma Hovi hovi.vilma.k(at) ja Anni Piiroinen piiroinen.anni.e(at)

Educational policies – Susanna Kupiainen kupiainen.susanna.a(at) ja Ville Jäppinen jappinen.ville.m(at)

Events – Terhi Tammelin tammelin.terhi.v(at)

Social policies – Kati Aaltonen aaltonen.kati.k(at)

Internationality – Ville Jäppinen jappinen.ville.m(at)

Sports –Terhi Tammelin tammelin.terhi(at)

Equality – Susanna Kupiainen kupiainen.susanna.a(at)

Environment – Anni Piiroinen piiroinen.anni.e(at)

Culture – Ilona Vuori vuori.ilona.a(at)

Corporate Cooperation – Vilma Hovi hovi.vilma.k(at) ja Julia Stolp stolp.julia.s(at)